Two Suspects Held After Assault On Metro Driver


Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the threatening of a Metro driver with a gun early Saturday morning near the Holman Road QFC, according to The Seattle Times.

Police set up a containment area shortly after the incident in the neighborhood around NW 97th Street and 7th Avenue Northwest, and located one female juvenile suspect, another suspect who matched the description of the person who initially had the gun, and later a police dog located a third suspect hiding under a parked car. The suspect found under the car was armed with a knife and a gun was found nearby. Police said they arrested the two “primary” suspects, but didn’t specify which two they were.

Between 2009 and 2011 the number of assaults on Metro bus drivers decreased each year, from 149 in 2009 to 86 in 2010 and 84 in 2011. The number climbed back up to 107 in 2012, and numbers for 2013 and for the first part of 2014 are not yet available. Metro says their overall goal is to bring the number of assaults on drivers down to 10 per year.

Skateboarder Hit by Car After Smashing Window

Last night at the intersection of 15th Ave NW & NW 80th Street there was an altercation between a mini van and an adult skateboarder. According to the Seattle Police Department blog, the skateboarder was blocking the path of the van and began to smash the hood of the vehicle, shatter the windshield, and yell racial slurs toward the driver. While this was going on the van drove forward running over the skateboarder and pinning him underneath the vehicle.

By the time the medics and police responded, other bystanders had lifted the vehicle off the ground and got the injured person out. The injured party was transported to Harbor View Medical Center with what is being reported as serious injuries. According to the SPD blog, the mini van driver was released pending the results of the investigation. No updated has been given yet of the skateboarder.

Man Calls Police to Report Finding a Leg

This past Friday a Ballard man (according to this report on the Seattle Police Department Blotter) called 911 to report that he had found what he believed was a leg on top of a building on the 2600 Block of NW Market Street. The Ballard man told the Seattle Police that it did not appear to be a leg belonging to an animal, however it was unclear whether that is true or not. Police have sent this to the medical examiner for further information but no details have been released on this.

We will monitor the SPD Blotter for more information on this strange case and update the blog if we hear any more information.

Ballard Robber Caught while taking an Ice Cream Break

Just before 8:00 PM last Saturday at the Safeway on 15th and Market St in Ballard,  the Seattle Police received a call from the security staff that they had just confronted a man suspected of shoplifting. According to the SPD Blotter, the suspect then pulled a knife on the security guard, dropped his basket of groceries, and took off running. Here’s where the story takes an unexpected turn. 

The police quickly found the suspect a few blocks away sitting next to a dumpster eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. While the suspect denied that he had stolen anything from the Safeway when questioned, the police conferred with the security staff who quickly confirmed that this was in fact the same man.  When the police asked the suspect a second time what had occurred he simply stated “all I did was not pay for items”.

He was then quickly arrested.

Ballard Homeowner Clubs Burglar

In a bizarre story, around 4:00 am last Thursday the Seattle Police Department received a call from a Ballard homeowner that a drunk burglar was in her basement and that he was being pinned down by fellow family members who had armed themselves with a brass elephant among other objects.  Prior to the confrontation with the family members the intoxicated burglar had urinated in the corner of her basement. It was unclear at that point if the suspect had actually taken anything.

When the police showed up, they found an 18 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon hidden inside the homeowners dryer with only 6 beers left. When questioned by police at the precinct, the 21 year old suspect said that he mistakenly thought he had walked into his own house. Needless to say I will not be going into his basement anytime soon!

For more information please go to the SPD Blotter at 

Seattle Officer Will Avoid Suspension if He Steers Clear of Trouble

Seattle Police Office Gary Hayes was involved in an off duty altercation last year after a brawl in Ballard, where he stepped on a handcuffed suspect. According to the Seattle Times, Hayes was referred for retraining after breaking the police department’s policies for professionalism off duty. Haye’s Seattle Police chief put him on a 10 day suspension without pay, but is not taking the situation lightly, and has made the punishment with the inclination that he stay out of trouble for the next two years.

Hayes was off duty when the incident occurred last December outside of Balmar, and ended up in a fight with three other men when he confronted a woman for taking his coat. Hayes was later charged with misdemeanor assault, which happened right around the time the Department of Justice ran an investigation that found the Seattle Police Department too often engaged in using excessive force. For more information, visit the Seattle Times.