One Way to Deal With a Ringing Cell Phone: Stopping the Symphony

Ringing cell phones happen everywhere, including at New York Philharmonic performance. Last Tuesday, a patron’s cell phone rang in the middle of a Mahler piece. According to the Associated Press, the conductor completely stopped the orchestra from playing until the patron had silenced his cell phone.

How embarrassing for the patron. However, something must be done about these ringing cell phones. It has become a nuisance. While embarrassment is bad, it certainly isn’t as bad as being choked for not silencing a cell phone.

Ballardites, you may recall a news story at the end of November where a man was choked by a patron at the Majestic Bay Theatre, because the victim’s cell phone was on and disturbing the movie.  That is certainly one way to handle this ridiculous nuisance.


Indulge your Inner Scandinavian at the Nordic International Film Festival

Yar, Ballard vikings. There’s a way to indulge your Scandinavian selves this weekend. The Nordic Lights Film Festival is happening from tonight to Sunday. You have the opportunity to see 9 feature-length films and a package of short films from January 6th – January 8th. If you see all of them, you might find yourself craving lingonberries, running out of butter, and wanting to shop at IKEA.

So, what can you expect at the 3rd annual NLFF? Unfortunately, no Ingmar Bergman. But, there is a slew of fantastic Scandinavian directors out there, so don’t fret. The Oscar and Golden Globe-winning Denmark movie, “In a Better World,” will be playing. Additionally, “When the Pepper Blossoms” will be presented at the festival; it is about Swedish emigration to Brazil at the turn of the century. Visit the NLFF website to see the full list of movies playing this weekend.

Price-wise, it’s $10 for each individual screening. Or you can purchase a festival pass for $50. There’s also a few discounts. Go here for more info. All films will be shown in SIFF cinema at the Film Center. I repeat – the Nordic Lights Film Festival is NOT being shown in lil’ Scandinavian, Ballard, which would be the rational location. In case you don’t know, the SIFF Cinema Film Center is located in the Seattle Center’s Northwest Rooms, between the Key Arena and the Seattle Repertory Theatre.

Ballard’s Cupcake Royale is Team Twilight

To celebrate the upcoming premiere of the final film of the “Twilight” series, the Cupcake Royale in Ballard is baking up exclusive “Breaking Dawn” cupcakes. It even sparkles like the vampire, Edward.

This is the last day to get an exclusive “Breaking Dawn” cupcake in Ballard from Cupcake Royale. Additionally, the cafe is giving away five advance-screening tickets to see the movie on November 11th. To enter the drawing, you must buy a cupcake.

It’s fantastic that Cupcake Royale is embracing the end of a movie saga, like the cultural obsession, “Twilight,” especially notable as Ballard’s Majestic Bay Theatre is located only a few stores down from the Cupcake Royale location. Snag a cupcake and then see the movie or celebrate the ending of this Tween phenomenon.

Small Theatre Charm

Don’t get me wrong.  I was “WOW”ed when I watched Harry Potter in IMAX donning my 3-D glasses, but I was absolutely charmed when I saw the new Disney movie “Tangled” at the Magestic Bay Theatre on Ballard’s NW Market St. last week.  Although the theatre hasn’t been around for 80 years (it was rebuilt in 1998), it has that old-time charm that makes movie going so fun.  We purchased tickets from a center box at the building’s exterior and passed a modest concession counter before climbing three sets of stairs to a small, but comfortable theatre.  Maybe it was the curtains near the considerably-smaller–than-average screen, or the fact that there were probably 50 seats total in the theatre-it was just pleasant.  Not to mention the young girl who danced in front of the screen for a good 10 minutes before the previews started.  I don’t think that would fly anywhere else but Majestic Bay.  The design features were modern, though.  The theatre had nice, high-back chairs and the image quality was great.  I was also pleasantly surprised when I saw one of Seattle’s Parade of Pigs statues dressed as an usher on the theatre’s third floor.  Everything about this theatre appealed to me, and probably would to many.  So if you’re in the neighborhood, don’t miss the opportunity to catch a flick at Majestic Bay.  They are currently playing three films: The Green Hornet, True Grit and The Fighter.  See information and movie times on the official website.