Help Ballard Bring Home The Curbed Cup!

We Ballardites know that we’re lucky enough to live in the BEST neighborhood in Seattle, right? Well, now’s our chance to let the whole city know!

The 2016 Curbed Cup is up for grabs and it’s down to us, Vs Columbia City. That’s right, we have made it all the way to the final round!

Now, it’s time to bring it home.  With 5 (yes, F-I-V-E) days to vote for Ballard, and a community of crazy-proud inhabitants, it would be a cinch to take the title. That is, THE title, the whole shebang, The Curbed Cup.

Head over to Curbed Seattle to cast your vote (or click here and skip the extra typing) for our ‘hood before midnight tonight for it to count.

And don’t just stop there, share the link with your friends! Text, them, email them, bribe them into casting their vote, whatever you have to do, get others to join so we can come out on top!

The title is within our grasp, so close we can taste it, let’s not let it slip away! We all know Ballard is where it’s at, let’s make sure everyone else does too! 

In Need of a Real Estate Agent? Things to Keep in Mind

According to this Curbed Seattle article, if you are in search of a real estate agent for your Ballard home, many of the traditionally questions that you may have asked in the past no longer apply to today’s internet dominated world. In the article it touches on questions that you should no longer ask your real estate agent and instead provides you with more relevant ones to consider. One example that they provided was that in today’s online focused world it is important to ask your agent what type of online marketing would they provide for your listing compared to the type of news print advertisement.  With many new and more cost effective ways to market your Ballard home, Curbed Seattle states that the type of marketing plan your agent comes up with might show you how current they are in today’s trends. 

Curbed Seattle focuses on the fact that you want an agent who is up with current marketing trends as well as an agent who knows the area where your house is located. Choosing the agent who works at the most popular agency may not necessarily be the best choice for your property. Instead having an agent who specializes in the market where your house is located at is many times the most important factor in receiving top dollar for your house.