Ballard’s ‘Up’ House Is On The Move

The new home of Ballard’s ‘Up’ house, also known as the Macefield house, has finally been decided and it’s ‘the best possible outcome’ Paul Thomas, the real estate broker listing the house, told the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Macefield Map

There was a scare earlier this year that the home would be bulldozed after the buyers planning to convert the home into a coffee and pie shop fell through. The news that a non-profit was selected on Thursday to receive the house came as a relief for local fans.

Though the home’s original owner and folk hero Edith Macefield passed away in 2008, her spirit and story, similar to that of the popular Pixar movie “Up”, have lived on in the community. “I can’t possibly imagine a more wonderful ending for this chapter of the Edith Macefield story,” said Thomas, of Realty Brokers Inc.

The name of the non-profit and additional details will be revealed at a press conference tomorrow, August 4, outside of Macefield’s bungalow at 1438 NW 46th St.

Ballardite Knighted!

This week, a local Norwegian leader in the neighborhood Kim Nesselquist was appointed to Knight, First Class to the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit, a great honor and award that recognizes only the best foreign nationals living abroad for their leadership in promoting the Norwegian-American culture. Nesselquist grew up in Norway, but has spent the last 20 years in America and currently is the Director of Development at Pacific Lutheran University. He has also helped negotiate a variety of deals from contracts with Boeing and Norwegian Airlines to working with the fishing industries and markets in the U.S. and Norway. Nesselquist was honored on Norwegian Constitution Day in Ballard and will continue to be a strong Norwegian American figure in the community.