Tug Boat Sinks in Ballard

According to The Seattle Times, a 72 foot wooden tug boat that was being moored at a dock in Salmon Bay sank early Monday morning near the Ballard Bridge. The Department of Ecology was on hand to assist as some fuel had leaked into the bay. While details of how this happened are still coming in, it did not appear to be a large quantity.

The Coast Guard received a call from the boats caretaker around 7:30 AM to notify them that the tug was sinking. This wooden tug boat was in the middle of being transformed into a floating residence when this incident occurred. For more information on this developing story, please check out The Seattle Times. 

Ballard Bridge Lane Closures

Construction will continue on the Ballard bridge this week, and the SDOT indicates there will be lane closures throughout the majority of this week, as new light poles are put in place. The far right Northbound lane has been closing throughout the week, from early morning to mid afternoon as a precautionary while poles go up on the East side of the bridge.

During construction it’s advised to take alternative routes, especially during the end of the summer when there is higher boat traffic, as backups can occur frequently. Visit the SDOT for further updates.

Ballard Bridge to be Closed for Evening Paint Job

The Ballard bridge is scheduled to get a fresh coat of paint for the next three weekends, and will be closed in the evenings for traffic. The closure will be scheduled starting from 3:00-6:00AM beginning this Saturday April 14th, and also scheduled for the 21st & 28th. Be prepared for bridge closures from midnight to 6:00AM on Sundays April 15, 22 and 29th as well. The new paint project is expected to end around the end of May.

Photo Courtesy of www.myballard.com

Southbound lanes and west sidewalk closures should also end by the end of April, but northbound lanes and east sidewalk closures will move forward into May, but will be open during rush hour between 3-8pm. For more information and updates on the bridge delays, visit the Seattle Times.

Ballard Bridge Gets a New Paint Job

With the weather still fairing, we’ve been waiting for the Ballard Bridge paint project to take off, but the project was postponed from it’s original scheduled date of March 11th to March 15th, and had to be rescheduled again to begin yesterday, due to eery weather conditions. The contractor of the project is planning to close one Southbound lane of traffic during the week, now through April. This lane will remain open during peak traffic hours but will be closed from 10am-6pm Tues-Fri, and in the evening from 8pm-6am Mon-Thurs.

Southbound Lane Closure on Ballard Bridge Today

Painting crews are moving over to the other side of the bridge this week after finishing up on the Northbound side of the bridge, and the outside southbound lane will be closed from 10am-6pm today. The lane will be closed 10am-6pm Tues-Fri this week, and will close the following week 8pm-6am Mon- Thurs. Bicyclists should also note that the sidewalks will be closed on the west side, but the east sidewalk will remain open. Bicyclists can use the Fremont Bridge, or cross the ship canal  to the Ballard Locks during this time. For more traffic updates, click here.