Ballard Bridge Lane Closures

Construction will continue on the Ballard bridge this week, and the SDOT indicates there will be lane closures throughout the majority of this week, as new light poles are put in place. The far right Northbound lane has been closing throughout the week, from early morning to mid afternoon as a precautionary while poles go up on the East side of the bridge.

During construction it’s advised to take alternative routes, especially during the end of the summer when there is higher boat traffic, as backups can occur frequently. Visit the SDOT for further updates.

Southbound Lane Closure on Ballard Bridge Today

Painting crews are moving over to the other side of the bridge this week after finishing up on the Northbound side of the bridge, and the outside southbound lane will be closed from 10am-6pm today. The lane will be closed 10am-6pm Tues-Fri this week, and will close the following week 8pm-6am Mon- Thurs. Bicyclists should also note that the sidewalks will be closed on the west side, but the east sidewalk will remain open. Bicyclists can use the Fremont Bridge, or cross the ship canal  to the Ballard Locks during this time. For more traffic updates, click here.