Apodments coming to Ballard?

According to this KIRO 7 report, a group of Ballard residents are attempting to stop a plan to build a 27-unit apartment complex on the 1400 block of NW 62nd St. These apodments are small apartments that are increasingly being built by developers in Seattle. In this case the 27- unit development would replace one single family residence. 

Among the greatest concerns by neighbors in the KIRO 7 report was the parking. They wonder how will they find a place to park when a single family home is being replaced by 27 units? Other concerns expressed in the report included what would be the impact on their property values with such a development constructed on their street? While the developer stated that the concerns by neighbors were being overblown, he did not provide details as to why that may be true.

What do you think about these apodment developments in Ballard?


Is Ballard Being Overbuilt With Apartments?

The Sunday Seattle Times had an interesting article regarding the possibility that Seattle may be overbuilt with apartments in the coming years. According to the article visuals, there are more than 6,000 apartment units currently in construction and over 16,000 units in the pipeline. However, some predict that Seattle will have more than enough demand for the apartments in the coming years. Here’s the article for more information.

Ballard especially has experienced a significant increase in apartment construction. Just walk down 15th Avenue and you’ll see the former vacant lots loaded with machinery. Or walk down Market Street and see cranes on 14th, 13th, and even around 24th. I’m not even naming all the Ballard lots that will be experiencing development. Total, Ballard has issued permits for 748 apartment units.

While some are concerned Ballard will be overbuilt, let us not forget the desirability of the neighborhood. Seattle Weekly considered it one of the top neighborhoods in Seattle.

What do you think? Do you think Ballard will fall victim to numerous vacancies in the future or do you think young adults will flock in? Tell me your thoughts.

Market Street Lot in Ballard to Break Ground

After sitting vacant for the past 3 1/2 years, Equity Residential is finally breaking ground on the vacant lot at 15th Ave NW and NW Market St. Home to the former Denny’s in Ballard, the prominent 1.4 acre lot will be transformed into a large apartment complex to meet the demands of young adults who are opting to rent instead of buying. The multi-use apartment complex will stand at 8 stories tall, with over 250 units, over 30,000 sq. ft of retail, according to design meetings held back in January and March 2009.

It’s certainly not the first construction that has resumed progress after sitting vacant. Recently, the East Green Lake lot at Woodlawn Ave NE and 71st ST NE announced that it will be starting construction soon as well. While there was much controversy about razing the Denny’s Restaurant and many of the “Free Ballard” residents might oppose these changes, I’m thankful that construction is FINALLY underway. It is a welcomed change preferred over having a vacant, empty lot that no one can use. In the meantime, there are still some retail and offices in Ballard to fill. Slowly but surely, Ballard is transforming.