Happy Turkey Day Seattle!

Thanksgiving SeattleHappy Turkey Day Seattle!

For those procastinators: How to Cook a Turkey

For NFL Fans: 9:30 AM on CBS, Texans vs Lions (Seahawk fans root for Texans); 1:15 PM on FOX, Redskins vs Cowboys (Seahawk fans root for Redskins); & 5:20 on NBC, Patriots vs Jets (Seahawk fans do not care)

For College Football Fans: 4:30 PM on ESPN, TCU vs Texas

For Gonzaga Fans: 6 PM on ESPN2, Clemson vs Gonzaga

For those who get stressed on the holidays: Meditation

For those akward moments when talking to family: Discussion Topics

For keeping peace at the Thanksgiving dinner: Topics to Avoid

If you do not avoid those topics: Unbeatable Arguments

Greenwood Car Show this Weekend in Seattle

Greenwood Car ShowIf you are a car lover, then check out the car show this weekend on Greenwood Avenue between 68th and 90th.  If you do go, you will be one of 60,000 people that are expected to attend this weekend’s Greenwood Car Show.  The event starts this Saturday, June 25, 2011, at 8 AM and runs until 4 PM.

If you do not plan on going, be aware of traffic getting in and out of Ballard.  While Greenwood Avenue is closed between 68th Street and 90th Street you can still cross Greenwood on both 8oth and 85th.  But beware if you plan on going south of Ballard as well.  The Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon is also on Saturday and will affect traffic on the viaduct.

Ballard Drivers Beware: Speed Trap on Aurora

Seattle Speed TrapUnder the pretext of safety, Seattle Police justified a way to fix budget shortfalls: speeding tickets en masse.  Of course, that is just if I am being cynical.  Yesterday police gave over 677 tickets to 509 drivers on North Aurora.  They did also give nearly 200 drivers warnings instead of tickets (Did they realize how much money they left on the table?  At least 2oo tickets x $100 = $200,000).

The police had set up a command center at 125th and Aurora and had over 50 officers involved.  Thursday was only the beginning of a two year project to improve “safety” along Aurora Avenue – so continue to drive carefully, obey the speed limit, and do not use your cell phone.  Not to say Aurora is the safest street.  Between April 2005 and March 2008, 1,581 collisions occurred on Aurora from the Battery Street Tunnel and North 145h Street.

I would say ride a bike, but they gave two tickets to bicyclist as well (see break down of tickets here).  So whether by car or by bike, please be cautious while driving to and from Ballard if you are using Seattle’s Aurora Avenue.  Better yet just be careful no matter which way you go.

Harlow’s Saloon on Seattle’s Old Ballard Avenue

Ballard Avenue has a new bar to a cold beer, drink, or even a TV dinner.  It is in the triangular Junction Building on the corner of Ballard Avenue and 20th Ave NW – basically across from the Tractor.  The building is old brick building like most building on the street, and the bar is kind of a Ballard-hip dive bar with tallboy beers with such beer as Schmidt, Olympia, and Milwaukee’s Best.  The bar is not the biggest space, but it is a fun place to hang with friends.

I went on the opening weekend (about a month ago) and had a good time.  I have heard from a friend that they have added some board games since then and there was talk of adding a table top video game which would be cool: hopefully it will be Ms. Pac-Man.  Also, I heard they may have guest bartenders on Tuesday night.  Maybe just a rumor, but if they do it, I try to get first in line and invite all my friends.

If you are on Ballard Avenue and need a beer, check out Harlow’s, another cool Ballard bar.

New Ballard Project

Yesterday, January 3rd marked the second Design Review meeting for a mixed-use development to be built on an empty lot at 6559 15th Ave. N.W.  The proposed building will be a five-story project with live/work units and 101 residential units above a parking garage providing spaces for 67 vehicles.  On January, 11th a State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) determination meeting will take place at the Ballard High School Library.  This project proposal is one of many upcoming residential projects around the Seattle area.

Ballard House Fire

Friday, December 31st, a house fire occurred on the corner of N.W 65th St. and 9th Ave. N.W in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.  Firefighters rescued eight people from the home, who had managed to escape the flames and were sitting on the home’s rooftop.  The home and belongings perished in the blaze and donations are being made to the fire’s victims.  The cause of the fire is still unknown and monetary damages resulting from the fire are around $300,000. Please bring donations to the Ballard Key Bank location at 1536 N.W. Market St.  To donate at any Key Bank, specificy that you are donating to the Luberts Family Fund.

Olympic Manor Christmas Lights

If you’re a lover of all things Christmas, including the best light displays in town, look no further-Ballard’s Olympic Manor is where you can find them.  The community creates excessive displays in the month of December as many around Seattle take a walking or driving tour along the streets every year.  Pictured to the left are a few of the outrageous homes in all of their light bulb glory.  The Olympic Manor community is actually encouraged to decorate as part of their homeowners association rules.  Many begin the tour at Northwest 85th Street and 23rd Avenue Northwest and make their way through the neighborhood.  This is a great place to take your family this holiday season, so bundle up and take a stroll by these magical homes.

Lunchbox Laboratory Moves to South Lake Union

Lunchbox Laboratory, is hailed for serving up some of the best and most unique burgers in Seattle since its opening in 2008. The Ballard-based experimental eatery serves anything from American comfort food like tuna casseroles and fried foods, to specialty burgers made with tender-loving trial and error. The man behind the grill is chef Scott Simpson, who also created the Blue Onion Bistro. At the lab, Simpson serves up memorable beef, turkey, lamb and dork (a mix of duck and pork) burgers with a wide variety of toppings and sides. Their current small, retro location in Ballard at 7302.5 15th Avenue N.W., has a chalkboard menu; diners formulate their burgers from a number of columns choosing thier preferred meat, cheese, condiments and toppings. That same pick-your-burger chalkboard is soon to be hanging on a different wall come January. John Schmidt, the owner of Southlake Grill, has partnered with Simpson to open Lunchbox Laboratory’s new location in Lake Union where the Grill currently sits. At 1253 Thomas Street, the new Lunchbox Laboratory will have two levels and nearly 5,000 sf to amaze customers with its creations. Just as the square-footage, the menu will be expanding as well, incorporating dishes that were served at Blue Onion Bistro. The restaurant is set to open January 24th. Sadly, Ballard will have to say farewell to the one-of-a-kind burger joint and head to South Lake Union if they want another taste. SLU residents get ready-something good is coming your way!