Best Kept Ballard Secrets: Sidestreet Library

We know Ballard has a lot of fun quirky restaurants, and activities going on at all times, but here is a good one for readers who are on a budget, and searching for a good read. Spoiler: must trust the opinion of your  Ballard neighbor! Apparently somewhere near the corner of 13th Ave NW & NW 77th street someone has taken the liberty to put up a small wooden cabinet with peak-a-boo windows, a place where residents and passersby can take a book and leave a book, with a small sign that reads “The Neighborhood Library.” 

According to the folks over at myballard blog, The library also has a small notepad inside for anyone to leave a quick note about which books they’ve taken and dropped off, any particular favorites, or just a simple hello to other users. If you’re in the neighborhood and have something to trade, stop by this hidden gem, and leave a good read for someone else to enjoy.

Police Chase Hit and Run Driver in Ballard

A Ballard policeman pursued a driver of a Ford pick up truck in Ballard around 10:17pm on Saturday evening after the driver was seen driving erratic on NW 62nd street. According to the SPD Blotter, as police attempted to initiate a traffic stop, the driver tried to back his car up away from police, and ended up hitting the police car, (minor damages were done to the vehicle, the policeman remained uninjured) as well as 3 other parked unoccupied cars as he sped away.

The driver then got out of the truck, which was disabled after damages from the multiple accidents, and fled the scene on foot. Officers followed the man, and caught him on the 1400 block of of NW 63rd Street. The 22 year old man has been detained at King County Jail and awaits investigation of felony as well as investigation for two counts of hit and run. For more information on this incident, visit Seattle Crime News.

Free Yoga at Golden Gardens Sunday

Have you ever wanted to try yoga outside? What better way to start your morning than yoga at Golden Gardens?! This Sunday the Ballard Health Clubwill be hosting yet another free yoga session in the grass at Golden Gardens, starting at 9:00 am- 10:15am. The last yoga in the park session was a huge success, so bring your own mat and come on down! MJ will be leading free flow yoga, chanting and meditation, and it’s a good idea to show up a few minutes early to stake out a good spot, and get situated before class begins.

Photo Courtesy of Ballard Health Club

Yogis will meet at the North end of the park before class, and it looks like Sunday will be a nice sunny morning for some outdoor exercise. For more information about the free yoga session, or other exercise classes please visit Ballard Health Club.