Good Bye Plastic Bags, Hello Sustainable Seattle!

After this weekend, the plastic bag ban in Seattle will go into affect July 1st, so if you haven’t already been accumulating some reusable grocery totes, this weekend might be a good time to get your hands on a few! The law states that all retail stores are prohibited from providing customers with single use plastic carry out bags, even those advertised as compostable, biodegradable, etc.

Retail stores will now be providing customers with any size recyclable paper bag, at a cost of a minimum of 5 cents per bag. Bag charges will show up on customer receipts, a friendly reminder to bring your totes with you next time you pick up your groceries. If you’re picking up party favors and fireworks this weekend for the July 4th holiday, say your goodbyes to the plastic bag for the week to come! If you haven’t picked up any bags yet, Safeway stores in Seattle will give away 32,000 free reusable totes this Sunday in preparation for the Bag Ban.


Cupcake Royale Now Offering Ice Cream!

Is it summer yet? We’ve seen a glimmer here and there, but the folks at Cupcake Royale are happy with what they can get this summer, and taking the opportunity to launch ice cream in all 6 of their store fronts.

The delectable cupcake gurus are now offering flavors such as “cupcakes n cream” as their signature flavor, and will have many other unique flavors such as their “whiskey maple bacon crack” made with locally sourced Woodinville Whiskey, and Zoe’s meats bacon, “Bonanza” made with bananas homemade brownies and caramel, burnt caramel and sea salt, and red velvet cupcake; yum! The newest store front is located at 108 pine street downtown and will open this Saturday, but until then will have a food cart outside the store front serving scoops from noon-8pm. The Ballard, Capitol Hill, and Bellevue locations will have scoops, shakes cones and sundaes on their menu, and all other locations will have pints to go.

Seattle Spoke & Food Event Tonight

It may appear to be a dreary wet morning, but that shouldn’t stop any diehard Seattleite from going out tonight  for the third annual Seattle spoke & food event! Grab your raincoat and bike to one of the participating restaurants between 6-10pm tonight, and 20% of your bill will be donated to the FamilyWorks food bank and resource center. FamilyWorks is a Seattle based food bank that intends to nourish and strengthen local families by connecting them with the support, resources, and community they need.

The restaurants participating in the event tonight seem to be spread all over the major neighborhoods in Seattle, so if you live in and around the city, you shouldn’t have trouble finding one near you. Participating restaurants include Serious Pie on South Lake Union, St Clouds in Madrona, The Shelter in Ballard, Julia’s in Capitol Hill, Stumbling Goat Bistro in Phinney, Emmer & Rye in Queen Anne, and Duke’s on Green Lake among others. For a bike map of participating restaurants, or for more information click here.

Ballard SeafoodFest Needs Help With Funding!

Seattleites come from near and far every year to attend the annual Ballard SeafoodFest, and this year for the first time ever they’re asking for help to fund this year’s event. They’ve already launched a campaign on, a website that allows individuals and groups to fundraiser for creative projects and events, that will only allow the group to receive the funding if they meet their goal in an allotted amount of time! So far they’ve raised $350 of the $5,000 they hope to gain in the next two weeks.

This year will mark the 38th annual SeafoodFest, which originally began as a 1 day salmon BBQ cookout to raise money for the Ballard Chamber of Commerce. Over the years the event has grown massively by popular demand, and has remained free admission, with the exception for donation. This year they’re planning ahead and fundraising prior to the event, to steer from asking for donations while on stage, etc. Visit the Ballard SeafoodFest website today for more information.


Boat Damages Small Lock at Ballard Locks

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While I was at the Ballard Market enjoying the sunshine yesterday afternoon, the hot topic of discussion seemed to be the boater accident at the Ballard Locks! Sometime around 1:30pm yesterday a boat crashed into the west gate of the locks and caused enough damage to shut down that portion of the locks for the time being.

The Seattle Times reported that repairs began this morning and that it appeared to be mostly surface damage on a walkway; luckily there were no pedestrians on it when the boat crashed into it. According to the Times, the boat that crashed was the Spirit of 76 and the driver reported a malfunction and could not put the boat in reverse. The dock will remain closed this morning as repairs are being done, smaller boats can use the larger dock, but it might cause some back up for vessels in the area.

Look Out For Repairs at Intersection of 15th Ave NW & 85th St

This Saturday, paving construction crews from the SDOT will be headed to the neighborhood to begin repairing pavement at the intersection of 15th Ave NW and 85th NW St, if it’s not pouring down rain. The SDOT stated that the Northbound traffic on 15th Ave NW will be reduced down to one lane through this intersection from 7am Saturday morning to 9am Sunday. Southbound traffic should not be affected by the construction, but crews will also be closing one lane in each direction on 85th at the intersection. Construction is necessary to repair a temporary patch following an underground water main repair. There will be police on site to help any traffic.

Ballardite Knighted!

This week, a local Norwegian leader in the neighborhood Kim Nesselquist was appointed to Knight, First Class to the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit, a great honor and award that recognizes only the best foreign nationals living abroad for their leadership in promoting the Norwegian-American culture. Nesselquist grew up in Norway, but has spent the last 20 years in America and currently is the Director of Development at Pacific Lutheran University. He has also helped negotiate a variety of deals from contracts with Boeing and Norwegian Airlines to working with the fishing industries and markets in the U.S. and Norway. Nesselquist was honored on Norwegian Constitution Day in Ballard and will continue to be a strong Norwegian American figure in the community.