Another Ballard Building For Sale

The Ballard building at 5410 Ballard Ave NW, which houses the popular restaurant Thaiku, is currently for sale.  The building is listed for 3.3 million and is almost 5,000 sf in size.  I went to Thaiku not too long ago and the building itself is pretty charming. There are plenty of windows and it’s in an amazing location.  The building is comprised of residential and commercial space.  Follow the link to search more Seattle commercial properties for sale.

Ballard Drivers Beware: Speed Trap on Aurora

Seattle Speed TrapUnder the pretext of safety, Seattle Police justified a way to fix budget shortfalls: speeding tickets en masse.  Of course, that is just if I am being cynical.  Yesterday police gave over 677 tickets to 509 drivers on North Aurora.  They did also give nearly 200 drivers warnings instead of tickets (Did they realize how much money they left on the table?  At least 2oo tickets x $100 = $200,000).

The police had set up a command center at 125th and Aurora and had over 50 officers involved.  Thursday was only the beginning of a two year project to improve “safety” along Aurora Avenue – so continue to drive carefully, obey the speed limit, and do not use your cell phone.  Not to say Aurora is the safest street.  Between April 2005 and March 2008, 1,581 collisions occurred on Aurora from the Battery Street Tunnel and North 145h Street.

I would say ride a bike, but they gave two tickets to bicyclist as well (see break down of tickets here).  So whether by car or by bike, please be cautious while driving to and from Ballard if you are using Seattle’s Aurora Avenue.  Better yet just be careful no matter which way you go.

Red Mill Burgers to Open New Location in Ballard

One of the most famous places to get a burger in Seattle is Red Mill Burgers in Magnolia and Phinney Ridge.  Their hamburgers have been featured in several Seattle magazines and even GQ voted one of their hamburgers as the”top 20 burgers you have to eat before you die”. The owners recently leased the Totem House in Ballard with plans to open another Red Mill Burgers location sometime this summer.  Please read the article on the Seattle Times to learn more by clicking here.

Carnegie Library for Sale

The old Carnegie Library building in Ballard is for sale by private owners Karoline Morrison and Dennis Beals for $3 million.  The building was constructed in 1904, and remained in use until the new library opened in 1963 just a few blocks away.  Morrison sent out notices to local businesses and investors who would be interested in preserving the building and is not using a broker.  Morrison leased the building until purchasing it in 1977, then turning it into an antique store.  When that store closed, she rented it out to various tenants and she is currently looking for a main floor tenant. The building is a “honorary” historic place, but does not qualify for protection from demolishment.  The building sits on N.W. Market Street and its unique architecture sets it apart from surrounding businesses.  A piece of history like this is worth preserving.