Olympic Athletic Club

The Olympic Athletic Club in Ballard, Seattle has submitted a land use application to construct a new building where the worn-down garage now stands.  The new building will be 11,850 sf large and the Club plans on expanding with a swimming pool, new locker rooms, sauna, spa and hot tubs. Along with these additions, the Club will add 29 hotel rooms, retail space and new parking spaces.  The application still needs numerous permits and a SEPA approval before it is put into action.

Burke-Gilman Trail Could Be Completed

The Burke-Gilman Trail’s “missing link” has been a topic of controversy for almost 16 years.  The link, which is a section that should be in Ballard (from 11th Ave. N.W. to the Ballard Locks), was ordered to be reviewed in April, 2010 for environmental impacts.  The assessment results were released last week and King County found that negative impacts are highly unlikely.  The review, which was the determining factor for closing the gap, is sure to get appealed by local fisherman and maritime businesses who feel the link will adversely affect them.  The project has a $14 million estimated cost and will add 1 ½ miles to the already 27 mile trail. Project plans are expected to move forward if the results are not appealed, but there is not yet a projected completion date.

Ballard Bell Will Ring

The bell in Marvin’s Garden Park of Ballard, Seattle could be chiming in the near future.  No, there isn’t a wedding, but there is a campaign to “Bring the Ring Back” as it hasn’t been used for nearly 20 years.  Well, folks at the Ballard Historical Society are taking advantage of the Department of Neighborhoods Small and Simple Project Fund and applying for a grant to get the bell automated.  If they receive the grant, the bell will be programmed to toll at certain hours throughout the day.  The bell sits at 22nd Ave NW and Ballard Avenue.  The first “new” ring will happen at 2:15 this Saturday, in celebration of a resident’s 97th birthday.  See more details on ringing in the good times by following the link.

Ballard Farmer’s Market

I had not yet been to a Farmer’s Market in Seattle, and Sunday I walked through the Ballard Farmer’s Market.   It was a beautiful morning, although extremely cold, so I bundled up and figured it was a good time to check it out since the rain was on hiatus.  For some reason I expected it to be a dozen or so vegetable stands, but I was surprised at the amount and variety of local vendors’ stations.  There were cured and butchered meats, honeys, pastries, vegetables (of course), clothing, arts and crafts and apple ciders (just to name a few).  There were a lot of families with children in tow, but the streets weren’t too crowded to maneuver.  It’s truly a nice Market and a great place to visit on a sunny Sunday morning.  Also, if you’re not within walking distance, get there early as parking may be hard to find.  The Ballard Farmer’s Market is on Ballard Avenue NW between Vernon Place NW and 22nd Avenue NW.  The Market is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Sunday.

Moshi Moshi

I’ve been spending a lot of time in Ballard lately, and last week after getting an intense craving for Sushi, I went over to Moshi Moshi.  I had heard of Moshi Moshi, and only good things.  I dragged a friend along (who doesn’t even like sushi) and they agreed to go simply because they wanted the signature, salted edamame appetizer.  To my surprise, the hostess asked if we had reservations.  Moshi Moshi must be considerably popular, but I cannot remember a time (ever)that I’ve needed to make reservations for sushi.   The ambience was great, and the tables were candle-lit.  The room was filled with soft light coming from the Japanese Sakura tree adorned with LED lights (pictured).  When I ordered my drink, I noticed that specialty cocktails were expensive, and I settled for PBR in a can.  I only specify the container because that’s how it was listed on the menu.  At $3.00 a can, it seemed like a good deal.  We ate are edamame and I ordered the Crunch Roll first, which was absolutely delicious.  A black board behind the chef at the sushi bar had daily specials listed, including a spicy salmon roll (my second order) which had the perfect amount of heat . A couple of the hot plates looked good as well, but I didn’t order as I felt that spending $40.00 at dinner that night would leave me regretting my visit.  All in all, the ambiance and food were good and I would definitely go again.  If you’re in the neighborhood and in the mood for sushi, stop by Moshi Moshi.